• Image of "Meme" Tee

"Meme" Tees - printed on high quality AS Colour Staple Tees.

Pronounced me-me*, this clever yet simple tee lets people of the opposite sex and even the same sex know you are down with the cool kid meme scene.
I'm not saying this will get you laid, I'm just saying no one can resist the urge of a good lewl.

*(Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pronounce it as me-me, legit people will kill you right where you stand. If you need to have this pronunciation explained to you, this probably isn't the tee you were looking for. *waves hand slowly in front of face*)

AS Colour Staple Tee -
100% Cotton / 180gsm

Sizing information below..
(Helping you to make sure it will fit when it arrives! Just measure an existing t-shirt you already wear and know fits and you should be good to go.)

SML - 47cms wide x 71cms long
MED - 52cms wide x 75cms long
LRG - 56.5cms wide x 78cms long
XLG - 61cms wide x 82cms long
2XL - 64cms wide x 83.5cms long

Body width measured across the front of the t-shirt just under the arm seams.
Body length measured from top of garment to the bottom.

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